Outreach and Community Service

Pastor Anthony McKoy and The Abundant Faith Family work in conjunction with the local prison systems in  DC,  MD,  VA. Pastor Anthony has a passion for youth and young adults incarcerated to bring them the word and love of God.  Pastor Anthony along with Minister Charlie Ado and Rev. Charlie Sanders go into the facilities and Minister the word of the Lord.

Pastor Anthony also has a passion for visiting the sick and shut in, regularly making visits in Alexandria VA. Manor Care nursing home on Collingwood Rd. Pastor Anthony McKoy and The Abundant Faith Family regularly prays for the Community and those abroad who’s dealing with sicknesses and disease.

Pastor Anthony has provided several families for the last two years with toys during the Christmas season by working closely with Toys for tots.  We at the Abundant Faith International Ministries is  introducing a program to assist in feeding those in need by working with the National Area Capital Food Bank.

God has blessed our ministry with identifying others abilities and God given gifts.  We have a host of gifted and anointing ministers of the gospel and Ministries come to fellowship and showcase their spiritual gifts for the sake of uplifting the kingdom of Heaven.

The Abundant Faith International Ministries and Pastor Anthony McKoy has encouraged countless lost souls and speaks gentle words of wisdom to those hurting and seeking guidance.  Our ministry and mission not only provide comfort and problem solving but financial services to the less fortunate and  those seeking spiritual awareness.